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Friends Only!! [Thursday
23.08.2007 7:32]

Comment to be Added.

Nobody's been removed, so if you're already friended, have no fear of needing to be re-friended...you're still here. <3

Truth, the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth, so help me God! [Saturday
23.12.2006 7:56]
[ mood | annoyed ]


Okay, well as I'm encouraged to speak openly often enough, here it is - the ENTIRE thing - and no, I'm not concealing any details cause it's about time someone spoke brutally honestly and stopped walking around on egg shells.

Carol is a liar. Not just someone who tells white lies, but someone who twists things, turns situations to her own advantage, tells one group of people one thing and another a completely different set, pitting friends against friends. To say that it was just once would also be a lie - she doesn't know when to stop, when to admit defeat and when to admit she was wrong and that she has lied. According to her me and Jem caused her to have a mental breakdown. How the hell did we manage that when we have other issues to worry over, we don't give a flying toss what she does as long as it doesn't affect us directly or otherwise, and basically, we have our own lives? If you can find logic there, please tell me, cause I'm failing.

About a year ago - at the beginning of Yule last year, so literally about a year ago now - she was in an AIM chat with me and a few others (I won't name them cause it's not my place, and isn't really relevant) when she told us that someone (called X for the purpose of this entry) was making her RP things she didn't want to, was posting love songs on IM messages to her and making her feel uncomfortable generally. At this point, let me stress, we all trusted her 100% and as such never dreamed she was being anything but truthful. So we encouraged her to break off the friendship and to contact an admin, which she continually refused to do. That made me slightly wary, cause she felt *so* uncomfortable, but yeah...what could we do? Yet she wouldn't stop mentioning it, so we decided, on her behalf, to speak to someone, and PMed an admin saying everything she'd told us and that we were worried for her and didn't know what to do.

The admin in question then spoke to Carol about our allegations - they were pretty hefty let me tell you that - and guess what? She denied the entire thing! Claimed we were jealous of their friendship so we made up a ream of lies to split them up. *cough* Excuse me?! WHY would we be jealous of a cyber relationship? I have plenty of HC friends who have their own set of friends....so? Not to mention that people are friends with those they like/trust/have similar interests with/etc. You can't force a friendship to blossom or equally kill one - or so I thought. From then on I wasn't friends with X anymore. And that killed me. It took a few hours of us talking (not us, me and Carol, but us, me and the AIM peeps) to figure out she'd set us up to take the fall. Which was really low, even for her.

The next thing I know I have an IM from Carol asking about another site I was an admin of and why her account there had been blocked - erm...we don't trust you, didn't seem to suffice as an explanation. So after a few mins of her claiming we'd forced the situation and how she hoped we'd manage to be friends...I don't THINK so...she left and I immediately blocked her on all messengers and began avoiding the OOC like the plague. Til I realised that that meant she'd won. So instead I took to posting there but intentionally ignoring her posts - why would I want to talk to someone so intentionally deceptive? Which seemed to irritate, as she kept posting things to me which I ignored to the best of my ability...well anything not directly involving me HC-wise as opposed to trivial comments, that is.

Hmm...so I decided that blocking wasn't working, and just made me petty, so I unblocked, but months later - February to be precise (I still have the PM) - she sent me a PM asking me to unblock her...she wasn't blocked for a long time before this, cause she wanted to straighten our friendship. Erm...she called me a liar and had someone else think so too - HOW can we get past that? So I sent one back -

I've never blocked you on AIM. But I seriously don't believe we can sort anything out, when you consider the fact that we both have different versions of events, and both believe we're right. Furthermore, there is a lot of hurt and anger I'm feeling right now, I believe rightly, and because I'm aware you're not feeling your best, don't want to unleash it all onto you, right now.

...only a slight lie there about the blocking, but generally everything was polite and above board. I know I'll let go when it finally DOES happen - and I know it's brewing beneath the surface - but til then I'd rather harness my anger and frustration over everything. So anyway...her response was this:

My health is suffering because of all this anymosity. And yes I see that you didn't block me. We have different version's of event's up to a point.. but it all stemmed from the same thing. Because of what you went through with Seena (she was a member - Gudinne - for anyone who doesn't know who it's referring to)I think you saw things differently to what they actually were. Anyway that's not the point.. the point is that I would like to think that we can all pull together for Slytherin.. it's coming up to silly season where everyone is going to be going crazy trying to win the house cup. I'd like to think that we can all work together as a team, and with you being such a good member of the house you can ensure that we do pull together. If you know what I mean.

~ Carol

How DARE she blame me for this? I don't see things blinkered...she told someone that I fabricated the entire thing and was jealous of her friendship with X - what other way IS there to see this? Anyone care to explain...? Anyone able to explain? Anyone at all? I mean if there's a better way to interpret her words than her being a lying eejit can someone PLEASE let me know!

As months went on she managed to blame every little thing on me - some random spammer. I alert a mod that there is one, and naturally THAT was me. Erm...what? WHY would I tell someone there was a spammer and link to the posts if I was behind it? Mad logic...total madness. Then there are other things...things I gather from others...the knowledge that she blackens my name when talking to people - if it's meant to hurt me it doesn't. It just makes me angry. I can't believe she's been able to get away with so much crap, but blatently there are reasons behind it. I know she *hates* some people - there are people she's told me not to trust...of course the fact that I trust them 1,000,000 times more than I ever did her is another story. It sickens me to know she manipulated me against X, and X now feels that way too...

She's obsessive, insane, clingy, she believes her RP characters are real people...

Oh this is another example of her insanity - in the Slythie OOC, Cindy was talking about bringing Allistar back and having him do everything over, to which she responded:

I can say one thing on the subject of characters.. Barty will ALWAYS be Barty Silvermoon, he's going to be teaching HOM again after yule, and I couldn't give a rat's ass.. I'll be changing my name back to Barty Silvermoon, he's still married to Allistar Silvermoon, the original one not some recycled one.

How DARE she diss someone else's character? And to pre-decide their life for them...erm...

So, Cindy naturally retorted to that:

What do you mean some recycled Allistar..are you seriously posting here and directly insulting my character? I thought as Super Mod of a House you'd be nicer to your members, especially those that have been here longer than you have. I resent your remark and if you want to play it like that I can easily kill off the Allistar in your head or divorce or whatever. I made up the name Silvermoon and its like stealing if you keep using the surname I created.

Whatever is running through your mind, everyone here knows the truth. Allistar Silvermoon is my character and I can do whatever I wish with him. I politely ask that you do not use him in any of your RPies any further..and this is a public declaration for everyone to see, that I am being polite and asking for due respect from the Head Boy

After that, you'd expect her to take things privately, but no...she HAD to continue on...to have the last say on the subject.

Barty is married, I can't and won't say otherwise. I'm politely asking you to respect my wishes too. They had children and a life together. You can't take that away, it happened period. I did try PMing you but you didn't want to know. I was willing to discuss it rationally, but no.. you deleted the PM. Now I ask as Head of this house that this subject is closed, if this 'debate' continues then I will take further action, as it is getting no one anywhere. It's just dragging up bad feelings that could and should be dying down by now.


There are lots more little incidents in between, but they aren't really for me to tell, so yeah...*breathes* And Olly, you're right...speaking plainly can help sometimes. That was a long time coming, and I'm so sorry if I upset anyone by talking about it, but it was completely irritating me, and besides ranting to people - thank you guys - I needed to let it all out, and if not in your journal, then where else?


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